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RecordForAll Features

Create a Professional Quality Podcast

makes it simple to record audio files, layer audio files and edit audio files for podcasting! Even beginners can create a professional podcast with voice, music fades and sound effects.

Recording Features
Record Audio Content One click audio recording. Easily record voices, music files or other sounds.
Import Audio Import existing voice recordings, or audio recordings to enhance your podcast.
Built-in Filtering On screen meters help prevent sound distortion, and filter background noises.

Editing Features
Easy Editing Drag and drop audio editing. Edit out sound distortions or remove entire clips.
Layer Sounds Easily create a timeline, layer sounds and create background transitions for professional quality recordings.
Volume Scaling Easily adjust the volume of specific audio clips which will result in a continuous production at the same volume.
Preview Sample your audio creations and sound effect transitions with a single click.
Easy File Removal Remove any audio recordings that are not deemed appropriate with a single click.
Flexible Labeling Label segments and arrange in any order.
Synchronize and Sequence Easily synchronize and sequence clips using drag and drop.
Spice it Up Effortlessly add music, jingles or intros and outros to shows.
Transition Use cross fade effects for smooth transitions between clips.
Rearrange / Reorder Easily rearrange clips to test different show formats.
ID3 Editor Quickly and easily edit ID3 tags of audio files.

Publishing Features
Effortless Publishing Seamless integration with FeedForAll desktop software for creating podcast feeds. One click will transfer audio files along with the feed!
Export Files Export audio files as MP3, WAV or Midi.


Basically, RecordForAll is a really easy way to get started with podcasting.

download FeedForDev
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RecordForAll System Requirements:
Supported File Types: Audio: MP3, WAV, WMA
Playlists: MMP, M3U
Requirements: Windows XP
600 Mhz or higher
256 Mb RAM
Sound Card